LA agenda ( text..)

From: Josh Cohen (
Date: Mon, Feb 23 1998

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From: Josh Cohen <>
To: "''" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 09:37:07 -0800
Subject: LA agenda ( text..)

Id like to open discussion for an agenda for the LA meeting

Agenda Topics for http-ext

I'd like to propose this as a starting point for an 
agenda for LA.
Times haven't been filled in, I figured we'd wait until
all topics were voiced.

1) Mandatory Draft

2) POST issues / Using HTTP across firewalls

   I'd like to see an open discussion on these
 issues and work to a workable solution for all parties.
 We should also talk about security implications with respect
 to crossing a firewall and what information should be available
 to proxies and firewalls.

3) Extensions Declarations 
	OPTIONS draft (updated)
	PEP draft
  To move forward with an extension mechanism for HTTP.
  Discuss moving PEP to 'experimental' status as recommended
  at DC.

4) "Building upon HTTP draft"

5) Response code registry