RE: IPP> On the harm of adding new methods

From: Josh Cohen (
Date: Wed, Jun 10 1998

Message-ID: <>
From: Josh Cohen <>
To: "'Larry Masinter'" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 13:39:03 -0700
Subject: RE: IPP> On the harm of adding new methods

> Larry Said:
> In the case of IPP, it is perfectly adequate to filter on 
> content-type,
> since all IPP content is carried in application/IPP. The 
> arguments for 
> adding a new method (that it is somehow 'easier' to filter on 
> the first
> few bytes of the protocol) are specious because most filters that are
> looking at the protocol at all are looking at content-type. So the
> "firewall filtering" rationale just doesn't hold as a reason 
> for adding
> new methods.
That isnt how I see things.  Today, more delpoyed proxies look
at the method than the content-type.
Content-Type may offer a way of filtering, Ill agree with that,
but to say that proxies commonly filter based on content type
and not method isn't right.