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Fwd: WEBI (son of WREC), CDNP, and OPES

From: Ian Cooper <icooper@equinix.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 10:23:05 -0800
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To: discuss@apps.ietf.org
This is a copy of the document that the WEBI, CDNP and OPES groups/BoFs put 
together which explains how the groups interact:

>Michael Condry
>Ian Cooper
>Mark Day
>Mark Nottingham
>Hilarie Orman
>There are currently multiple proposals for IETF Applications Area working
>groups related to Web transport/content distribution; WREC/WEBI, OPES and
>CDNP. This discussion proposes deliniations between the groups, in order to
>clarify their roles.
>Historically, WREC focused on caching and replication. WEBI is proposed to
>replace WREC and slightly broaden its scope to include issues of general
>import to intermediaries. WEBI work items will be distinguished by being
>generic, in that they are not specific to one application domain (such as
>content peering or value-added proxies). For example, invalidation
>mechanisms and intermediate discovery protocols are of interest in multiple
>applications. Note that if requirements for a particular application can not
>be met by a general mechanism, it may be appropriate to define an
>application-specific mechanism as well. WEBI might produce other groups as
>workload requires.
>The Open Proxy Services architecture (OPES) allows for services to be
>constructed "inside the network", allowing both the overlay of value-added
>services and the introduction of a processing model in intermediaries. OPES
>work items will be distinguished in that they involve definition and/or
>support of value-added services on intermediaries. For example, this may
>include a means of vectoring messages to "callout servers" and configuration
>and managment of services, but should exclude general content routing
>Content Distribution Network Peering (CDNP) defines a model and mechanisms
>for the interconnection and cooperation of networks for content-related
>tasks: direction (directing requests for content), distribution (moving
>content out to surrogates) and accounting (tracking the delivery of content
>from surrogates).  A single network may have its own mechanisms for these
>tasks, and WEBI may define or standardize elements of those mechanisms. CDNP
>focuses on the interactions required for direction, distribution, and
>accounting between two or more networks with different administrations,
>where the networks are potentially using different local mechanisms for
>Within WREC/WEBI, OPES and CDNP are largely orthogonal. The groups
>should cooperate in order to avoid conflicting specifications.
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