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[Fax] Summary of Internet Fax WG - July 99

From: James Rafferty <jrafferty@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 16:37:28 +0200
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To all -  

Attached is the summary for the IETF Fax WG meeting held on July 13, 1999

Fax WG Summary

The meeting began with a status review of the ITU cooperation.   The T.37
1, which adds support for the "Full Mode" by referencing the IETF 2530-2
series on extended
Internet fax, was not passed in April, mainly due to RFC refererence
issues.  However, a 
revised T.37 Amend 1 has been prepared and is up for approval in September.
  The status of progressing the simple mode documents to draft standard
level was also reviewed.   The drafts have been clarified in small ways
from the RFCs and seem to be in good shape.  Interworking efforts are also
proceeding well for the simple mode, but a call was made for implementors
that support RFC 2303-4 on Offramp addressing to contact the chair about
conducting interworking tests with other vendors.   A cover page draft was
reviewed and the room feels that this work is important to complete; it was
noted that the multipart/fax MIME concept is likely to be replaced by
something else, which will be considered jointly with voice and email
experts.  It was confirmed that the WG wants to produce an implementors
guide targeted to informational status and a design team is forming. Two
communications from the ITU were reviewed.  The first deals with aspects of
the extended mode that could benefit from clarification:  1)  Refinements
to the request/response process for capabilities via DSN/MDN 2)  Extending
MDN to get Page level granularity 3)  Providing better precision in how MDN
will report on the processing results for attachments.    There was some
discussion on each item and directions on how to proceed were established.
 The second communication was on synchronization between T.30 and related
RFCs; approaches for this were also discussed.   The WG will review the
items in the communications and the chair will draft a response.   The
meeting concluded with a milestone review, which targets moving simple mode
to draft std later this summer and concluding the current 3 drafts in

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