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Fax WG Summary

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The one paragraph summary for the Internet Fax WG meeting of December 10


James Rafferty
Internet Fax WG chair


Internet Fax Dec 98 Meeting Summary

The meeting began with a review of the results of the last ITU Study Group
8 meeting held in November.    At that meeting, a draft amendment of T.37
was "determined" for the full mode; the technical details are specified by
reference to the "eifax" Internet Draft, as well as the "reporting
extensions" and "fax-feature-schema" documents.   The ITU needs RFC numbers
and copies of the final documents as soon as possible as part of the
approval process, which is targeted for completion in April 1999.   There
are three completed drafts "Goals", "eifax" and "reporting-extensions". 
The latter two documents will be submitted to the IESG once the
"fax-feature-schema" document is complete.   The schema document was
reviewed by the authors and a new version will be posted after the meeting.
  It was agreed there would be a final one week Last Call on this document.
  The status of three documents referenced by "eifax" from the CONNEG
working group was reviewed; all but the "syntax" document are in review by
the IESG.  The group also reviewed additional charter milestones and
supported updating of the simple mode RFCs, an implementor's guide and
documents on onramp/offramps.   An updated set of charter milestones will
be posted after the meeting.   There were various interworking activities
for the simple mode and TIFF profiles which were reviewed.   In Japan, 8
companies tested simple mode implementations.  In San Jose, 13 companies
tested simple mode and about 4 companies tested TIFF profiles; almost all
features of RFC 2305 are supported in multiple implementations.   A new IPP
over fax concept was also presented briefly and a mailing list is being set
up which is a separate activity from the Fax WG.     
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