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different WG tasks

From: Urs Eppenberger <Urs.Eppenberger@switch.ch>
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 19:44:49 +0100
To: discuss@apps.ietf.org
Message-ID: <12002.913142689@limmat.switch.ch>
I observed that we have often recurring discussions in a BOF on what
a working group should tackle. The participants have interest in
various areas, generally there is not time enough to do a thorough
job in all areas and in the right sequence.

In the current, complex Internet world a working group needs to go
through a number of steps:
1  Document what is around already. Challenge: make it complete
   and finish at a certain time.
2  Identify the problems which need to be solved. Challenge: agree
   on the problems
3  Collect the requirements: Challenge: keep this to a minimum to
   allow a solution
5  Define the architecture: Challenge: agree on a common view for
   the future
6  Specify the protocols: Challenge: find dedicated authors and keep
   community interested until the very end

In earlier times it was OK to roughly touch 2 and then directly jump to 6.
All project management theories (or software development strategies)
show something among the lines of the 6 steps above and definitely warn
to ignora step. This takes time and needs a lot of work. But since
the world got more complex, we need better thought out solutions,
and following the easiest rules of software development would help.

Urs Eppenberger, SWITCH
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