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Binding an DAV:workspace property

From: Nevermann, Dr., Peter <Peter.Nevermann@softwareag.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 17:03:54 +0200
Message-ID: <DFF2AC9E3583D511A21F0008C7E6210605C47F38@daemsg02.software-ag.de>
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I followed the thread "workspace property" in this list ... but there are
still open questions. 

Geoff wrote:
"No, the DAV:workspace is not affected by the request-URL that you use to
identify the URL (that would be bad for a variety of reasons). The only way
you can have two different URLs for the same resource is 
if you have two bindings to either the resource or to a parent of the
resource.  In this case, some resource has multiple parents, and which
parent is picked for inheritance of the DAV:workspace property is up to the
server (but it has to pick one, and return it consistently).".

What does "consistently" exactly means? That the value shouldn't change if
the resource is accessed by an alternate URI?

So, let's have the following: 2 workspaces W1 accessed by /ws1 and W2
accessed by /ws2 and a resource R in W1 accessed by /w1/r. Now, I do some
operations and check the value of DAV:workspace of R:

- PROPFIND /ws1/r (workspace)   ==> worspace=/ws1
- BIND /ws2 (r -> /ws1/r)
- PROPFIND /ws2/r (workspace)   ==> worspace=/ws1 [it's in both but show W1
for consistency]
- UNBIND /ws1 (r)               
- PROPFIND /ws2/r (workspace)   ==> worspace=/ws2 [it's not anymore in W1]
- BIND /ws1 (r -> /ws2/r)               
- PROPFIND /ws1/r (workspace)   ==> worspace=/ws1 [it's in both but show W2
for consistency]


Apparently, in view of Binding, DAV:worspace becomes a computed property?

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