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RE: Sharing files between projects

From: Clemm, Geoff <gclemm@rational.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 09:02:44 -0400
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There are two ways to "share" files in different "projects".

One way is to have the server have a separate workspace for
each project.  You use the VERSION-CONTROL method on an existing
version of a file to make that file appear in a new workspace.
If you set DAV:checkout-fork to be DAV:forbidden, then only
one workspace can have a given file checked out at a given time.

The other way is to use working resources, and have the state
of the "project" stored on the client.  In this case, again, you
would set DAV:checkout-fork to be DAV:forbidden to ensure that
a file is checked out by only one client at a time.


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Subject: Sharing files between projects

This list seems to be addressing issues at a very detailed technical level,
far beyond my expertise.

I searched the archive but could not find any reference to file 'shares'.
We use this quite a lot in Visual SourceSafe to manage our documentation
files.  Sharing allows a file which participates in several documentation
deliverables to be added to different projects.  Whenever it is checked out
in one project it is automatically locked against checking out in any of
the other projects in which it participates.

A trivial example might be a copyright  and licence notice which is
identical for all publications but need to be changed to reflect changing
legislation.  The legal notices file participates in all user guide,
installation guide, etc. deliverables projects, can be checked out in any
one for modification, and ensures that legal notices continue to reflect
changes in all projects.

Can file sharing be implemented in WebDAV, please?


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