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From: Clemm, Geoff <gclemm@rational.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 02:05:32 -0500
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   From: Zivkov, Sasa [mailto:sasa.zivkov@sap.com]

   So, version controlled collection contains bindings to version
   controlled resources ?


   Which property of a version controlled collection contains these bindings

A "binding" is defined in the definition of "collection".  In particular:

 A "collection" is a resource whose state consists of not only content
 and properties, but also a set of named "bindings", where a binding
 identifies what RFC 2518 calls an "internal member" of the collection.

So this was just a way of saying that the version-controlled resources
can be internal members of version-controlled collections.  This info
is not retrieved from a property, but rather from a Depth=1 PROPFIND.

   Further, if a binding points to a version controlled resource does that
   that every version controlled resource is stored under some unique URL ?

Again, from the definition of "collection":

 Note that a binding is not a resource, but rather is a part of the
 state of a collection that defines a mapping from a binding name (a
 URL segment) to a resource (an internal member of the collection).

So the version-controlled resource is just an internal member of
the version-controlled collection, and it is stored under the URL of
the version-controlled collection.

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