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RE: LABEL comparison

From: <gclemm@rational.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 10:57:14 -0500
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This is one of the reasons that baselines should be used instead of
labels, whenever possible (baselines are identified by URL's, not text
strings, so they have none of these problems).

As I recall, the "octet-by-octet" phrasing was written with the
label header in mind, but I agree that this phrasing doesn't work
so well with XML.  Perhaps some of the folks that care about labels
could comment here?


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Subject: LABEL comparison


the spec says in chapter 8 [1]:

"...SHOULD use a case-sensitive octet-by-octet comparison of the two label

I think this must be "character-by-character comparison". The term "octet"
isn't meaningful here because we have XML based marshalling.

Furthermore, I'm not convinced that [2]:

"The value of a label header is the name of a label, encoded using UTF-8.
For example, the label "release-2.0" is identified by the following header:"

is compatible with HTTP and existing servlet engines. Has anybody *tested*
this? Maybe it would be better to specify URL-encoded UTF-8 instead.


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