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RE: Relative URLs, Multiple bindings

From: Clemm, Geoff <gclemm@rational.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 16:11:35 -0500
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   From: B H, Girish [mailto:g.b.h@sap.com]

   Assume that we have a collection A/B/ and two members A/B/x and A/B/y.

   1. When a PROPFIND is issued for A/B/, is it a MUST that the return URLs
   A/B/x and A/B/y (that is always relative to the parent), or is it
   that completely different URLs are returned. 

My reading of 2518 is that it MUST return URLs that are relative to
the parent (e.g. A/B/x and A/B/y).

   2. Is it possible that two bindings are pointing to the same Resource?

Yes.  In fact, if you have two URLs that identify members of the
same workspace, and PROPFIND returns the same DAV:version-history
value for both of those URLs, then those two URL's MUST identify
the same resource.

   To illustrate, assume that we had the resource A/B/x and another
   collection P/Q. Now both A/B and P/Q is checked-out. x is moved
   from A/B to P/Q. After this, we do an UNCHECKOUT on A/B and a
   CHECKIN on P/Q. Now both A/B and P/Q have bindings pointing to x.

If both A/B and P/Q are members of the same workspace, then yes,
they must both be bindings to the same resource.  But if they are not
members of the same workspace, then they could be two different resources
that happen to have identical DAV:version-history propertis.

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