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RE: version resource and locking

From: Clemm, Geoff <gclemm@rational.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 09:00:35 -0500
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The primary use cases requiring lock/unlock are for version-controlled

A server certainly could also support locking on a version resource,
but since a version resource is largely immutable (except for its
live properties, where whether or not they are immutable depends
on the characteristics of that live property), servers may not
bother with supporting locks on them (unless they get that functionality
for free from their underlying implementation).

Just for interests sake, did you have a client scenario in which
version locking was  interesting?

Similarly, it is unlikely that a "lock" on a version history resource
will be of much interest to a client, and servers may not support it.

Note though that unlike LOCKing, which is only really interesting on
version-controlled resources, ACLs support is interesting and worthwhile
on all resource types, including versions (to control "delete" behavior)
and version histories (to control who can add versions to that version



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Subject: version resource and locking


The Delta-V standard introduces the resource type "version resource". Would
you expect the webdav (un)lock command to work on a "version resource" too.
A server may implement the delete method on a "version resource".

Am I correct with the assumption, that (un)lock should work on a "version
history resource" and a "version controlled resource" too.

Best regards

Juergen Pill
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