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Do baselines capture live properties of VCRs?

From: Peter Raymond <Peter.Raymond@merant.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 13:59:22 -0000
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When a configuration is placed under baseline-control a baseline collection 
is created which captures the state of the version-controlled members of the


While thinking about the implementation of this I realized that the baseline
feature does not capture the live properties of the resources under
baseline-control.  In section 12 of the specification there is a statement
that says:

       "In order to allow efficient baseline implementation, the state of a 
        baseline of a collection is limited to be a set of versions and
        names relative to the collection"

Also section 12.3.1 says:

       "12.3.1 DAV:baseline-collection (protected)

       This property contains a server-defined URL for a collection, where
       each member of this collection MUST either be a version-controlled
       resource with the same DAV:checked-in version and relative name as
       a version-controlled member of the baseline-controlled collection
       at the time the baseline was created, or be a collection needed to
       provide the relative name for a version-controlled resource."

This seems to be saying that live properties like DAV:displayname will not
captured by the baseline (only DAV:checked-in will be captured).  In my
a baseline should record the exact state of the configuration (including
of it's members).   A VCR must have the same content and dead properties as
checked-in version, but it's live properties may differ and would not seem
to be 
captured in the baseline.

Is my understanding of this correct? 

Do other members of the group agree that it makes sense to capture other
properties of the VCR that is under baseline-control?

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