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RE: How to enforce the preconditions regarding modifying a baseli ne collection

From: Clemm, Geoff <gclemm@rational.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 12:07:36 -0400
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I personally don't think "member of a baseline-collection" merits a special
icon or a special property.  The fact that it is read-only is reflected in
both the fact that it is checked-in, and for a server that supports the ACL
spec, the fact that it is marked read-only.  The only thing you can't tell
is "and all attempts to check it out will fail".  I don't think that "can
never check out" is an important enough piece of information to warrant a
special icon/property.  As for the server, it will know whether or not a
resource is a member of a baseline-collection (after all, it would have to
generate the property value if we defined one), so it doesn't need a
property to remind it what it already knows (:-).
But this certainly is a candidate for a DeltaV extension, in which case,
adding it to the "extension" section of the FAQ would be the way to go.

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Subject: How to enforce the preconditions regarding modifying a baseline c


I was talking with some people in MERANT about the baseline feature and we
discussing the various preconditions that enforce that members of a
cannot be modified (eg the DAV:must-not-update-baseline-collection

It seems odd that the only way to identify a resource as a member of a
is by looking at it's URL (eg where it lives in the namespace). Other
preconditions can be 
enforced by looking at the type of resource (eg by looking either at
DAV:resource-type or 
by looking at it's properties as in section 22), but these preconditions can
only be checked 
by looking at the namespace. 

It would be nice if all members of a baseline-collection had some property
to identify them 
as such, so that the implementation of the code to enforce the preconditions
can be simple 
and so that clients can also identify these resources (perhaps show them
greyed-out to 
indicate they cannot be modified). 

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