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RE: Comments on Baseline option (in 12.3)

From: Jim Whitehead <ejw@cse.ucsc.edu>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 11:01:20 -0800
To: <ietf-dav-versioning@w3.org>

>    6. Section 10.3.1 & Section 10.11 (DAV:baseline-collection)
>    Since this is a protected and computed property,
> (actually, I believe it is just a protected, not a computed, property)

Hmm, then this is another area that needs to be fleshed out.  While a
baseline is checked-out, the server automatically maintains the value of the
baseline, right?  This would imply that at any time while a baseline is
checked out, a client could read the value of the DAV:baseline-collection of
the checked-out baseline, and receive an up-to-date, consistent baseline. Is
this correct?

If so, then this sounds like a computed property to me.

Or is it that, when checked-out, there is no DAV:baseline-collection
property, and then when checked-in, this property is created with the
correct value?

Also, just to make sure I'm not really missing the boat -- the intent is
that the client is not responsible for maintaining the value of
DAV:baseline-collection property directly (i.e., by PROPPATCHing this
property), right?

>    its state is not
>    guaranteed to be preserved when a version is made of it, since a
>    version is defined to be (Section 1.4) "A 'version' is a resource
>    that contains a copy of a particular state (content and dead
>    properties)".
> A version-controlled configuration does not have a DAV:baseline-collection
> property, so I don't see that this issue arises.  It is only a property
> of a baseline.

This implies that the DAV:baseline-collection property does not exist when a
baseline is in checked-out state.  Is that correct?

>    8. Section 10.6 (definition of BASELINE-CONTROL)
>    "If no baseline is specified, a new baseline history is created,
>    and the DAV:checked-in version of the version-controlled
>    configuration will be the (empty) root baseline of that baseline
>    history."
>    OK, but what happens if a baseline is specified?  I would guess
>    that the version history associated with the version-controlled
>    configuration for the baseline specified in the request body would
>    be used, right?
> Yes.  Since the previous paragraph states:
>  "If a baseline is specified in the request body, the DAV:checked-in
>  version of the new version-controlled configuration will be that
>  baseline"

My point was that this says *nothing* about the baseline **history**
resource in the case where a baseline is specified in the request body.  It
specifies what happens to the baseline, and what happens to the
version-controlled configuration, but says nothing about the baseline

- Jim
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