Re: checkout/checkin/uncheckout vs. lock/unlock

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Mon, 30 Nov 1998 11:41:15 -0800

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From: Chris Kaler <>
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Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 11:41:15 -0800
Subject: RE: checkout/checkin/uncheckout vs. lock/unlock

I'd like to hear who these people are.  Most people I talk to either do
implicit versioning (don't want to be bothered by it, just make it happen)
or use exclusive versioning (which requires locking).  So I find this
requirement confusing.  Not to mean its invalid, I've just never heard it


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		I also agree with this for different reasons.  I've heard
from people who
		would like to be able to use DAV versioning, but don't want
to use DAV
		locking.  So keeping the two as independent as possible
would be a good

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		> Why was the checkout/checkin/uncheckout functionality
		> to the lock/unlock methods?  As I recall, in our last
		> we agreed (or at least, all of us but Chris agreed, and
		> reluctantly accepted :-) that they each really needed to
be a
		> separate method.
		> There was a proposal to allow you to optionally "lock" a
		> resource as part of the checkout command (which is fine
with me),
		> but making the checkout command actually be a variant of
the "lock"
		> makes no sense to me.
		> - What if you want to leave the working resource available
for anyone
		> to modify?  In what sense have you created a lock?
		> - When you checkin a resource, you have now made an
		> revision.
		> In what sense have you "unlocked" anything?
		> - Converely, when you "uncheckout" a working resource, you
delete it.
		> In what sense have you "locked" anything?
		> - When you "checkout" a versioned resource, you create a
new (working)
		> resource.  A "lock" is not something you expect to create
		> new resource.
		> So I propose that we not overload lock/unlock, but that we
have 3 new
		> Cheers,
		> Geoff
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