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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 21:14:46 -0800
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It is my humble pleasure to write you this letter in irrespective of the fact that you do not know me.
However, I am in search of a reliable and trustworthy person that can handle a confidential transaction that will be of benefits to you.

I am Stanley Elendu, a family lawyer to our former military ruler, General Sanni Abacha who died suddenly in power on the 8th of june1998. Since his sudden Death, the family has suffered a lot of harassment from the regime that succeeded him. Even the present elected civilian government are made up of Abacha’s enemies.

Recently, Mrs. Maryan Abacha was banned from traveling outside Kano State their hometown and placed under house arrest and the eldest son Mohammed Abacha still in detention. Although, a lot of money have been recovered from Abacha’s family since his Death, by the present civilian government totaling to about (US$500Million). There is still a huge sum of money in hard currencies that we have defaced to (black) in order to beat security and we have successfully move it out of our country for safe keeping abroad. This fund is to the tune of (US$22,000.000.00) Twenty-two Million United States 0nly. 
This fund (US$22million) is already in (Abroad) with a finance and security firm. If you are interested to assist us for mutual benefits, we will prepare you as the owner and the beneficiary of this funds (US$22Million) to represent us abroad and we will compensate you adequately with (25%) of the total sum, (70%) will be for the family of Abacha while (5%) will be to cover any expense made prior to this deal. Note there is no risk involved in this, lts (100% risk free deal be rest assured) because I am Abacha’s family lawyer for more than 18years and we know what we want to do and how to do it. Therefore, contact me by email if you will be willing to assist us (Confidently). 
Note that this transaction is a (Top Most Secret to you and the family of Abacha only) and we are prepared to (import goods) back to our country with some percentage of our share based on your investment potentials and your expertise advice. l will meet with you in your country after you might have collected the fund abroad to discuss investment potentials. l look forward to your urgent Response.
Cheers and God bless.  

I await your urgent response.

Best Regards 

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