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From: Muhammed Abacha <sacongo200@netscape.net>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 09:21:35 +0100
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To: ietf-charsets@w3.org

From:Muhammed Abacha

Confidential reply email: hammedabacha@netscape.net

I wish to introduce myself to you and the 
reason for my reaching out to you.I got 
your contact from the internet myself 
for the fact that I am desperately in
need of Somebody to assist Release and
keep the funds for me before the end of 
the year.

I am Muhammed Abacha the the son of the late 
military head of state General Sani Abacha 
who died mysteriously on the 8th of June 1998.

Following the death of my father Gen. Sani
Abacha,elections were successfully held in 
the country and a civilian administration 
was sworn into power with the assistance 
of the American Government under the leadership 
of President Clinton. With the advent of 
the new democratic administration, a decision  
was taken by the new president of Nigeria, 
Olusegun Obasanjo to probe and ultimately
prosecute all past military officers and 
their cohorts that served in very strategic
capacities in the last military regime of 
my father.I was among those singled out to 
to be punished after a makeshift trial,for 
the supposed deeds of my dad,ever since I 
have been in detention(the past 3 years).

On monday the 24 September 2002,I was 
released,on the condition that I will release 
the rest of my fathers money in my care,to the 
tune of $I.5b,which i agreed.

Now I have been released but kept under 
severe house arrest,I had amassed monies 
running into hundreds of millions of
dollars stashed in various private foreign 
accounts around the world,most of wishhave
been frozen.

Presently, I am confined under house arrest 
after my recent release from detention and I 
am now constrained into seeking for this 
assistance today because I cannot afford to 
let this goverment know that I still have 
funds stashed away.

Shortly, before my detention I hurriedly
deposited the sum of USD35.5 m illion with 
a security deposit firm for safekeeping,hence 
my seeking your assistance to receive 
this fund.

I have since had this amount stashed away in 
a private security company in Spain. I cannot 
send this money to any of my Bank Account 
abroad for reasons mentioned earlier. 
I hereby seek your assistance in moving and 
securing this money in your account abroad.
I will adequately compensate you with 15% 
of the total sum for your assistance and 
co-operation with me to move this fund
to your account for safe keeping where I 
can easily utilise it.

The present administration has beamed their 
search light on any body remotely related 
to me and my family and you strongly
know for certain that I am under surveillance 
and I cannot operate any of my bank accounts 
any more, due to their being frozen.

I intend to safe guard and invest this amount 
of money abroad, but with a reliable foreign 
business partner so that we can invest the funds in
doing business in your country. That is why I am
soliciting your assistance and cooperation as 
regards this business.Arrangements are being 
concluded with the Security Company which has
branches in Europe to receive the money in cash. 

I cannot tell the full story of my predicament 
on this letter. However you can get more 
information by checking the following web




Please note that I have a relocation plans for 
me and my family immediately you have cleared 
and received this funds in your account.

Please indicate your willingness to assist me by
sending to me the following information, your 
company name and address,your private phone 
and fax numbers so that I can contact you and
commence the transaction in earnest.

I am waiting to hear from you very soon.

Best regards,

Muhammed Abacha
Confidential reply email: hammedabacha@netscape.net
Received on Wednesday, 26 February 2003 03:15:35 UTC

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