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Crewise Business Partners

From: British Airways Crew <info@crewise.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 16:45:10 -00
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To: "Crewise Business Partners" <info@crewise.com>

Crewise News

Please allow me to introduce you to www.crewise.com <http://www.crewise.com> - the exciting and innovative portal for airline personnel & travellers. Crewise was formed 4 years ago and launched in September 2001 by British Airways crew, in direct response to a desire from airline personnel and frequent travellers to establish a scheme to help save time and money. With a current membership of over 85,000, Crewise is the leader within the airline industry and has one of the fast growing online communities worldwide. Airline personnel and frequent travellers have come to rely on Crewise as a one-stop portal for information, services, and privileged offers. Because our site includes recommended businesses at home and abroad, members are assured of a variety of the highest quality products and services wherever they are in the world.

Crewise also offer a range of opportunities to our business partners, by choosing one of our listing categories: -

Bronze - Listings in our city guide are FREE, providing you offer a discount or privilege to our members. The listing includes your name, address, contact details and a link to your website. <http://www.crewise.com/index_worldguide.htm>

Silver - This includes a 50-word pop-up introduction page, a high-impact splash-page with your contact details and a direct link to your website. <http://www.crewise.com/bp/pop_details.asp?mem_id=2213>

Gold - our premium listing - This include banner creation, a 50-word introduction, a high-impact splash-page with contact details and a direct link to your website <http://www.crewise.com/listings/default.asp?cat_id=9>

Reciprocals - You could place a link on your site, and we will reciprocate.

The Crewise business partnership programme includes attractive point-of-sales material where necessary, a feature in our monthly e-newsletter Streetwise sent to all members, and a listing in our recommended business partner directory. Please go to the site for more information.

Web Design - If necessary, our web designers can design your website. Crewise offers unbeatable prices starting from just Ł450 for a three-page template including a year’s hosting and low renewals. <http://www.crewise.com/thelodge>

Crewise values relationships with our Business Partners. So whether your business is large or small, we are open to negotiating an affordable agreement relating to promotions, sponsorship, direct marketing, and other options.
Any queries with regard to rates and other details are welcome. As we are an intricate part of the airline community, it is our policy to work on a long-term win-win basis and will work to offer you the best combinations according to your budget.

Among the many privileges we already offer, three new and exciting areas are soon to be launched: 

Our Telecommunications Section, in partnership with Swiftcall, will enable members to save money on their calls worldwide, and send free text messages.
 Our Accommodation Directory, providing comprehensive information on places to stay in every continent, with descriptions, ratings, prices to suit any requirement, and the opportunity to book direct, thus cutting out the middlemen.
The Entrepreneurs’ Network Club (ENC) is working alongside Crewise to create the largest networking business directory online within the UK and overseas, creating better communications for B2B. Looking at launching early next year. ENC will bring together e-commerce and professional networking events to gain visibility for your company. Networking is consistently proving to be an exciting and innovative way forward for generating new business through word of mouth marketing and business referrals. Networking in the right environment enhances the opportunities to mix with like-minded professionals with the aim of generating new business leads, business relationships, corporate hospitality, click here and go to ENC notice board to get the latest updates and future developments, post your views. Go to the ENC Notice board. 

And just in case you thought that this all work and no play, Brockway’s virtual mall is specially designed to recreate the experience of strolling around in a brick-and-mortar department store. With 12 floors of shopaholic delights, Brockway’s is filled with major businesses ranging from Harrods, Marks & Spencer’s, DKNY, Gucci, and Mango, to financial institutions and many more. <http://www.crewise.com/brockways2.ht>

Please do not hesitate to contact Sheila, Jenny or Claire to discuss these exciting opportunities further.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly
Sheila Hunter
British Airways Crew
Crewise Limited
www.crewise.com <http://www.crewise.com> 
sheilahunter@crewise.com <mailto:sheilahunter@crewise.com>  

Jenny Polacco 
Corporate Sales manager 
Switchboard: 0870 458 1276 Fax: 0161 773 7626: Email: jenny@crewise.com <mailto:jenny@crewise.com> 

Claire Bailey
Corporate Sales Assistant
Switchboard: 0870 458 1276 Fax: 0161 773 7626: Email: Claire@crewise.com <mailto:Claire@crewise.com>

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