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Registration of new charset [IBM1047]

From: <umavs@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 16:26:15 -0400
To: ietf-charsets@iana.org
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I am forwarding this to the ietf-charsets list .. looks like Reuel is
having problems sending it to the list.  Best regards,  Uma.
V.S. Umamaheswaran, Ph.D.
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----- Forwarded by Uma Umamaheswaran/Toronto/IBM on 2002-09-12 16:23 -----
                      Reuel Robrigado                                                                                               
                                               To:       ietf-charsets@iana.org                                                     
                      2002-09-12 16:02         cc:       (bcc: Uma Umamaheswaran/Toronto/IBM)                                       
                                               From:     Reuel Robrigado/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA                                          
                                               Subject:  Registration of new charset [IBM1047]                                      

This is a revised proposal for the registration of the new charset IBM1047
to incorporate changes and comments received thus far.  This supersedes
proposals for IBM1047 prior to this note.

Charset name:     IBM1047

Charset aliases:  IBM-1047

Suitability for use in MIME text:   NO

Published specification(s):
IBM1047 (EBCDIC Latin 1/Open Systems) can be found at:

ISO 10646 equivalency table:
   1) For the mapping table from IBM CP 1047 to ISO 10646, refer to
attached file (See attached file: IBM1047-ISO10646-equivalency-table.txt)

   2) As noted by Markus Scherer <markus.scherer@jtcsv.com>, in his note
dated 29 July 2002,  a complete mapping table including roundtrip/fallback
information is available at

Person and email address to contact for further information:
Reuel Robrigado
IBM Globalization Centre of Competency, Toronto
8200 Warden Avenue, Markham, ON. L6G 1C7 Canada
email: reuelr@ca.ibm.com

Intended usage:
Meant for limited use to meet specific requirements

Below is a summary of changes from the original proposal dated 25 July

1) charset alias cp1047 removed
2) suitability for use in MIME text set to "NO"
3) added additional reference to mapping table as supplied by Markus
Scherer above.

There was only one comment coming from Markus Scherer since the initial
proposal was sent last July 25th.  I would really appreciate it if you
would give me an idea as to when this request for registration will be
approved.  Thank you.

Reuel Robrigado

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