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Re: Fwd: Registration of 6 charsets

From: <ned.freed@innosoft.com>
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 21:32:48 -0800 (PST)
To: Masataka Ohta <mohta@necom830.hpcl.titech.ac.jp>
Cc: ned.freed@innosoft.com, "Martin J. Duerst" <duerst@w3.org>, Harald Alvestrand <Harald@Alvestrand.no>, ietf-charsets@innosoft.com
> There can be a charset not suitable for MIME use, even though the
> content of the charset follows the rules required for MIME text.

I'm not convinced, but even if it were true, it isn't part of the registration
information at present. You can of course ask for it to be made part of the
information in the future, but that would take a general consensus that this is
valuable information to add to move forward. Everyone else that has spoken
about this thus far (both publicly and privately) doesn't agree with you, so my
assessment is that such a consensus isn't there.

> > And I'm not the editor, I'm the author.

> It seems to me that you are claiming that you, as an author,
> communicated with others less often than editors are expected
> to do.

No, Ohta, I've communicated with dozens of people about this stuff -- more than
enough to be sure that there's a broad understanding of the intent. And not one
of them read this the way you do.

> However, as is described in section 5.2 of RFC 1603 and section 2.3 of
> RFC 2028, WG documents are maintained by WG editors that you should
> have acted as an editor. WG editors on a document can be replaced.

I fail to see why this is even remotely relevant. But regardless, this isn't a
WG document, so the section you cite doesn't apply.

> Or, are you saying that your personal ID has passed IESG review as is
> without WG review? Then, you are the author. But I have never noticed
> that it occurred.

The charset registration procedure was a personal submission by John Klensin,
Jon Postel, and myself, based on an earlier document Jon Postel wrote by
himself. It was last called in the IETF and approved by the IESG, and
is currently a BCP. 

> Anyway, please read the rules carefully and never try to create your own.

I'm quite familiar with the rules, thank you.

> If you think you need further clarifications on IETF standardization
> process, please mail me privately or make it in generic ietf mailing
> list.

Oh please. This is simply insulting. Suck it up and move on, Ohta. Bottom
line, you need to change your registration to conform with the actual
rules the registration process imposes, not this fantasy of your own

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