Re: Suggested character set policy for the IETF

Ned Freed (Ned.Freed@INNOSOFT.COM)
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 10:03:36 -0700 (PDT)

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 10:03:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ned Freed <Ned.Freed@INNOSOFT.COM>
Subject: Re: Suggested character set policy for the IETF
In-reply-to: "Your message dated Mon, 21 Jul 1997 18:06:17 +0200 (MET DST)"
To: "Martin J. Duerst" <>
Cc: Ned Freed <Ned.Freed@INNOSOFT.COM>, ietf-charsets@INNOSOFT.COM

This is so completely pointless that I'm reluctant to even bother to respond
publicly. However, since Martin seems to insist on it... Regardless, this will
be my last public posting on this topic, and I've removed the languages list
from the cc list so at least the poor souls there won't be bothered by this
tripe. If anyone wants to talk about this privately they can contact me

> > > This seems to affect all the postings on the IETF charsets
> > > list. If something else is the problem, please tell us what
> > > to do to get it fixed.
> >
> > > Can somebody at Innosoft look into the problem?
> >
> > The problem has already been found and fixed. If it hadn't been why do you
> > think the postings came through?

> Why would you assume that I could conclude the problem to be fixed
> just because some messages arrived?

Because I assume you are an experienced Internet user and capable of rational
thought and inferential reasoning? Bad assumptions all around on my part, I

> Once you know the reason of the problem, it may be clear to you that
> without fixing, no posting would have come trough. But there are
> all kinds of other problems that can happen, and for those problems,
> the fact that some old messages finally make it doesn't necessarily
> imply that the problem is fixed.

Sure, and it is also possible that the sun rising every morning in a is simply
a series of unrelated coincidencal events. It just isn't all that likely.

The point is that when I see traffic appear from a list that has been delayed I
for one assume that the delay was a problem that has now been fixed. I then pay
a little more attention to the list for a while to see if the problem really
has been resolved to my satisfaction, and if it hasn't, then I complain. I may
even contact the list manager and ask if there's a problem that has gone
unnoticed. I do not, however, go off and post messages both to the list as well
as to other, unrelated lists yammering about issues that are entirely unrelated
to the list topic. You, on the other hand, do exactly this, leaving me as list
manager with no other choice but to respond. And yes, this pisses me off, which
is why I was before and continue to be short with you. 


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