Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:23:14 +0000

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:23:14 +0000
From: internet@telysis.telysis.com
Subject: I NEED HELP !
To: futurenet@telysis.com
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I have a genetic flaw. My mind can't stop thinking about making money
and helping others to do the same.


I need 20 good people to assist me in building a massive business.
You'll be trained by myself and some of the industry's top leaders,
who have already built a substantial income in just the last 3 weeks
working from their computer and their phone. This is one of the
biggest industries in the world and 60% of the USA will have one of my
company's products (or something similar) by the year 2000.

My deadline is December 31st to accomplish this and I will only send
this out to 500 people, so please send an e-mail to my autoresponder


with the word "INFO" in the subject, then you
will get the complete details immediately. Remember DO NOT hit the
reply button or you will be removed. Make sure you send it to:

money@telysis.com and type the word "INFO" in the subject.

OR, call my voice mail and leave a mesage with your name and phone
number and I'll call you back ASAP. (818) 734-0782

OR, hit the REPLY button and type the word REMOVE. This will 
permanently take you off my list and you will never hear from me again
in your lifetime.


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