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Sat, 12 Oct 1996 07:12:19 -0400 (EDT)

Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 07:12:19 -0400 (EDT)
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    Send your own bulk email to thousands of people, FOR FREE!
             You can tap into this AWESOME technology...
         thanks to Cyber Promotions' CUTTING-EDGE SOFTWARE...
                     F L O O D G A T E  4.2!!
 This is the same software that all the bulk emailing services use!
               ** If you wish to be removed from
                Cyber Promotions' e-mailing list,
                simply hit reply and type "remove"
              in the subject field or message body. ** 
 Floodgate Bulk E-mail Loader for Windows
 Version 4.20a now Supports 12 File Formats
 Learn how to prepare a mailing of 100,000+ in 1/2 hour
 Or... every few days. In fact, when we send out 10,000 marketing letters
 each day, it doesn't take long before we're completely swamped with
 e-mail inquiries and phone calls. This is very easy to do. And each
 one of these bulk mailings costs us nothing. We can teach you how to
 do this and provide you with the tools you'll need.
 If you've got a good marketing letter we'll show you how to open the
 floodgates.  You'll be deluged with inquiries, leads, and real sales,
 using nothing but e-mail alone.
 Writing a good marketing letter takes time.  We often have to rewrite
 our marketing letters a half dozen times before we get the results we're
 looking for.  But once you have a good letter, as you probably know,
 you can use the same letter over and over again, predictably and
 consistently, closing sales, week after week, month after month.
 It takes us about one hour to send our marketing letter to 30,000 fresh
 e-mail address using the Floodgate package.  If you're interested in
 electronic marketing, you should know about this software.
 The Floodgate Bulk Email Loader imports simple text files that 
 anyone can download from any online service* or the internet.
 These text files contain classified ads, forum messages, or data
 from the member directory.  Each of these files is filled with
 e-mail addresses.
 Floodgate is designed to read these files and strip out the e-mail
 addresses.  It then sorts the addresses, removes any duplicates, and
 formats them into an output file.  This is all done in one simple step.
 Just point and click.
 You'll need either a Windows based Internet account or an online-service
 account to send out your marketing letters.  Most online services or
 internet providers charge nothing to send e-mail.  Send your letter to
 10,000 people or 100,000 people - the cost is always the same.  Nothing!
 The Floodgate Users Guide will teach you, step by step, how to 
 download the right files, how to strip the addresses, and finally 
 how to send your marketing letter to thosands of recipients FOR FREE.
 Once you've done it a few times you won't even have to think. 
 It's that simple.
 About 1 in 100 will write back and tell us, "take me off your list",
 which we can do, thanks to Floodgate's "remove list" feature.  Many 
 people reply back thanking us for sending them our informative letter. 
 That's always nice. Most people though, just reply and say, "send 
 more info."  In this way it usually takes us another email or phone
 call to close a sale.
 The Floodgate Users Guide will provide you with three proven formats
 for writing a successful marketing letter.  You'll test and rewrite,
 test and rewrite.  Then, once you've got it, just push a few buttons
 and open the floodgates!!!
 will enable you to build email databases from all the major online services
 and the internet:
 Floodgate maintains Master Files for each of your marketing letters.
 If you download from the same place on a regular basis, you only want
 to send your letter to the new people.  Floodgate will compare the 
 new addresses with those in the Master File, and prepare a mailing 
 list of only new people.  The new addresses are, of course, then 
 added to the Master File.  With each new mailing your Master File 
 grows and grows.
 You may create as many Master Lists as you need.  When you start a new
 marketing campaign you'll want to send your new letter to everyone on 
 your Master List.  If you write a newsletter, each time you send your 
 newsletter, you'll send it to everyone on a Master List.
 Floodgate now directly writes distribution lists
 that are compatible with all of the popular emailing
 programs. Take one of your Master Files, press a few
 buttons, and prepare a mailing of 50,000+ in less than
 five minutes, without cutting and pasting! 
 When people reply and tell you to take them off your 
 mailing list, place these addresses in the REMOVE.TXT file and they 
 will never receive another letter from you again.  In this way you 
 will be operating your business with the most professionalism 
 We have some new competitors that have tried to copy Floodgate.  The
 following list describes why floodgate is BETTER...
 ** Floodgate is a mature, bug free product; Not an initial release.
 ** Floodgate comes with over 100 pages of step by step documentation.
 ** Floodgate is the only one offering a money back guarantee.
 ** Floodgate has more testimonials (ourselves included!)
 ** Filter for filter, Floodgate offers more capabilities, way more.
 ** Floodgate does everything all the others *combined* claim.
 ** Floodgate is by far the easiest to use.
 ** There is NO *cutting and pasting* with Floodgate. 
 Floodgate has everything! The documentation shows you where to go and where
 not to go, what to do and how to do it.
 The Floodgate Email Loader requires Windows. It's easy to install,
 and it's a cinch to learn.
 Floodgate has previously sold for as much as $2499.95.  If you order 
 within the next 72 hours, the complete package is now available for 
 just $349.95.
 Compared to direct mail, where you pay for mailing lists,
 printing and postage, Floodgate is a bargain. For the cost
 of one traditional mailing, you'll own a Floodgate license
 and never again pay for lists, printing or postage.  Those
 who know direct mail agree, "Floodgate is the best 
 advertising value on the Internet today!"
 Floodgate will pay for itself in a few days.  It will also cut
 your advertising costs down to almost nothing.  Think of what the
 competition will do when they get their Floodgate program.  Don't be left
 in the dust - there are 75 million people out there, just a few keystrokes
 away.  Let's do the math:
 - Email 50,000 sales letters (takes a couple of hours)
 - Let's say your product will bring you $20 profit per sale
 - Let's also say you only get a 1% response (usually higher)
 * That's 500 orders x $20 = $10,000 profit !!  Now Imagine what 
 500,000 letters would do for your business !!
 System Requirements:
 386 or larger
 Windows 3.1+ with at least 4 meg ram or Windows 95 with 8 meg of ram 
 Extra 10 - 20 meg hard drive space.
 No Mac software available at this time, sorry.
 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Try the Floodgate Bulk E-Mail Loader for 10 
 days.  If you're not delighted return the package for a full refund.
 All Floodgate users who purchase within 72 hours will receive unlimited
 TOLL-FREE technical and business support for lifetime by Cyber Promotions,
 Inc.  (Regularly 60 days support).  To order the FLOODGATE Bulk Email
 Loader, please fill out the EZ order form below.
 PS: If you are intrigued by the prospect of bulk e-mailing and would
 like to hear more, request our FREE, "Advanced Strategies" letter. 
 you'll learn about:
 1- An amazingly effective strategy being used by multi-level marketers.
 2- A new technique that is quickly bringing real legitimacy to the practice
 of sending unsolicited e-mail. Send E-Mail to:
 For the latest software review and testimonials about Floodgate, send an
 E-Mail to:
 If you have any questions, please feel free to call Cyber Promotions at:
                          (215) 289-4610
 EZ ORDER FORM:  (internal code 12-cp-pe-10)
 Please print out this order form and then fill in the blanks...
 _____ Yes!  I would like to try your cutting-edge software so that I can
 advertise my business to thousands of people online as often as I wish!  I
 understand that I have 10 days to trial the software.  If I am not fully
 delighted, I will receive full money back, no questions asked!  Please rush
 me the FLOODGATE package now!
 _____ I am ordering within 72 hours!  That qualifies me to receive the
 FLOODGATE package at a substantial discount.  I am ordering the software
 for only $349.95.  (Our Regular Price $499.95, save $150 ... Software has
 sold for as much as $2499.95)
 _____ I am ordering within 72 hours!  That qualifies me to receive
 UNLIMITED, TOLL-FREE technical and business support by Cyber Promotions,
 _____ I am ordering within 48 hours!  I would like to receive FLOODGATE via
 OVERNIGHT FEDEX, at no additional charge!
 YOUR NAME____________________________________________________
 COMPANY NAME_________________________________________________
 YOUR POSITION________________________________________________
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 CITY, STATE, ZIP_____________________________________________
 PHONE NUMBERS________________________________________________
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 EMAIL ADDRESSES______________________________________________
 We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover, Checks by mail or fax, or Money
 Order by mail.
 The following information will be held in the strictest confidence...
 Credit Card:    Visa    Mastercard    AmEx    Discover
 Card #:_________________________________________
 Expiration Date:__________________
 Name on Card:___________________________________
 Please indicate amount $__________
 SIGNATURE:x________________________ DATE:x__________________
 O R
 (If you fax a check, there is no need for you to send the original check.
 We will draft up a new check, with the exact information from your original
 I authorize Cyber Promotions, Inc. to charge an additional $25 fee if my
 check is returned for insufficient or uncollectable funds. I authorize
 Cyber Promotions, Inc. to quote any positive testimonial that I may offer,
 without prior notice.
 SIGNATURE:x________________________ DATE:x__________________
 Please fax these forms to:  1-215-288-9230  or  1-215-743-3750.
 If you feel more comfortable sending payment through the mail, please send
 all forms and check to:
 Cyber Promotions, Inc.
 8001 Castor Avenue, Suite #127
 Philadelphia, PA 19152
 If you have any questions, please feel free to call:
                        (215) 289-4610
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 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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 United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. None of
 the text in this message may ever be reproduced, in original or modified
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 <*> Please be advised that "harvesting" email addresses from online
 services may be against their respective terms of services.  Please call us
 for details.
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