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Appologies for those that will receive this invitation more than onec.


                       FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT and PROGRAM

                    CEN/TC304 - Character Set Technology


                Providing multilingual support in middleware:
     Implementing the Universal Character Set ISO 10646 in the European
                             Information Society

                       11 November - 12 November 1996

                              Bled , Slovenia

                            Grand Hotel Toplice

 Organized by          CEN/TC304 - Character Set Technology

 Sponsored by          Commission of European Union, DG3

                       Ministry of Science and Technology, Slovenia

                       Slovenian Chapter of Internet Society

                       Soros Foundation - New York and Slovenia Offices

 Programme committee
                       prof. Borka Jerman Blazic - chair, IJS, Slovenia

                       Wolf Arfvidson, Statskontoret, Sweden

                       =DEorvar=F0ur K=E1ri =D3lafsson, STR=CD, Iceland

                       Michael Everson, EGT, Ireland




 Sunday, 10 November 1996

 Registration, 18:00-21:00


 Monday, 11 November 1996

 Opening Session, 9:00-10:00

 Chair: Borka Jerman-Blazic

 Scope: Official opening.

 Peter Volasko, Slovenian State Secretary for International Cooperation i=
 Science and Technology

 Jan Roukens, Commission of the European Communities

 Wolf Arfvidsson, Chairman, CEN/TC304


 Coffee, 10:00-10:30


 Plenary Session I, 10:30-12:30

 A1. Towards a multilingual information society

 Chair: Wolf Arfvidson

 Scope: To give an overview of the strategy and activities towards a
 multilingual information society.

 Jan Roukens, Commission of the European Communities, Language
 Engineering, Luxembourg: "Action, strategy, and tasks within the Europea=

 Chris Weider, Internet IAB and Microsoft, U.S.A.: "The Internet approach=

 to multilinguality: strategy and actions"


 Luncheon, 12:30-13:45


 Parallel Sessions I, 13:45-15:45

 B1. Multilingual support for the  B2. Middleware for large character
 World Wide Web                    sets: input, display, and processing

 Chair: Keld Simonsen              Chair: Michael Everson

 Scope: To give insight into the   Scope: To explain the problems of and
 state of the art and problems     propose solutions to the lack of
 regarding multilingual support    middleware for the support of large
 for the WWW services.             character sets. The focus will be on
                                   input, display and processing.

 Bert Bos, WWW Consortium, Paris,
 France: "WWW Consortium           Alain LaBont=E9, Gouvernement du Qu=E9=
 activities in                     Canada: "UCS input, processing, and
 internationalization"             output"

 Yuri Demchenko, Kiev, Ukraine:    Martin Duerst, Z=FCrich, Switzerland:
 "Multilingual support of WWW      "Input methods for Unicode"
 application for educational and
 cultural purposes"

 Konstantin Chugaev, Chelabynsk,
 Russia: "Multiple character set
 enabled WWW server and conversion


 Coffee, 15:45-16:15


 Parallel Sessions II, 16:15-18:15

 C1. Manufacturers support for
 multilinguality                   C2. Research and Development

 Chair: Alain la Bont=E9             Chair: Jan Roukens

 Scope: To provide overview of and
 some insight into the current     Scope: To provide overview of the
 support for multilinguality in    current and planned RTD projects in th=
 equipment by world known          field of language engineering in
 manufacturers.                    Telematics programme.

 J=FCrgen Schwertl, Microsoft,       Iain Urquhart, Commission of the
 Germany: "Multilinguality in      European Communities: "Projects in the=

 Microsoft products"               IV. Framework Telematics Program"

 Patrick Andries, ALIS
 Technologies, Qu=E9bec, Canada: "A  Mike McKenna: "Unicode support for
 real Multilingual Suite: the ALIS clients and databases offered by
 browser, editor, and machine      world-class database vendors"
 translation tool"


 Social Event, 21:00-23:00


 Tuesday, 12 November 1996

 Parallel Sessions III, 9:00-11:00

 D1. Library and Directory
 applications: problems and        D2. Internationalization in Informatio=
 solutions                         Technology

 Chair: Michael Everson            Chair: =DEorvar=F0ur K=E1ri =D3lafsson=

                                   Scope: To give a detailed overview of
 Scope: To explain the problems    the current international activities i=
 and proposed solutions regarding  the field of internationalization. The=

 multilingual support in library   focus will be on the provision of
 and directory applications.       reusable tools and reliable data on
                                   cultural requirements.

 Tomasz Wolniewicz, Torun, Poland:
 "Multiple character sets and the  V.S. Umamaheswaran, IBM, Canada:
 Directory service -- Polish       "Unicode Consortium: prospects and
 solutions"                        development"

 Yuri Holov, Russian State         Arnold Winkler, Unisys, U.S.A.:
 Library, Russia: "IT Products in  "Internationalization WG20"
                                   Keld Simonsen, DKUUG, Denmark: "Freely=

                                   available standardized
                                   internationalization data and tools"


 Coffee, 11:00-11:15


 Plenary Session II, 11:15-12:15

 A2. Multilingual Informatics Infrastructure and cultural diversity

 Chair: Wolf Arfvidson

 Scope: To give an overview of the European requirements in the field of
 internationalization and how they can be implemented through the
 provision of reusable tools and reliable data on cultural requirements.

 =DEorvar=F0ur K=E1ri =D3lafsson, STR=CD, Iceland: "Standards for providi=
 multicultural functionality in IT systems"

 Michael Everson, EGT, Ireland: "Letters for Europe: script requirements"=


 Closing Session 12:15-13:45

 Scope: To provide a summary of this workshop and recommendations on the
 way forward.

 Professor Borka Jerman-Blazic, chair, Slovenian chapter of the Internet
 Society, ISOC-SI: "Cultural diversity in the network services -- the way=



 Luncheon, 13:00-14:00


 Visit to Ljubljana, 14:00-20:00

 - Plecnik (an architect)

 - the Freising Manuscripts , the oldest preserved written records (a
 catechism and liturgy) in the Slovene language, originate from the 9th



Development of the Universal Character Set makes it possible for the firs=
time in Europe to serve the needs of small nationalities in computing
environments as well as the larger market communities who themselves must=

urgently implement solutions to the problem of multilingual computing wit=
the European Community and the European Information Society.

This CEN/TC304 workshop will focus on solutions to this urgent language
engineering task and on raising awareness of this among members of the
Information and Communication Technology R&D communities.

We welcome partcipants from all over Europe and other with similar proble=
We welcome users and implementors, public procurers, end users, linguists=
manufacturers, stndardizers and everybody that can help solve the problem=
implementing the right standards.

The aim is to discuss all obstacles and problems in the European way towa=
information society with rich cultural diversity. The aim is also to achi=
better relationships and broad contacts for exchange of information betwe=
standards developers, implementors and users. We have identified the user=

needs -- now we must give guidance toward realizing those needs.

The main benefit of this workshop will be to raise the awareness among th=
participants of work which is ongoing or incipient, so that they can look=

for it, recommend it to others and press their locl and international
suppliers for it.

                            PRACTICAL INFORMATION


It is recommended to use the WWW-registration form at

Those unable to register via the WWW should send Email to WSTC304@e5.ijs.=
Please indicate if you register also for the visit to Ljubljana on the
second day of the Workshop.


60 ECU for early registration and payment before 11 October
80 ECU after 11 October

Fee includes:
Attendance to the WS sessions
Workshop materials
Lunches and refreshments
Social events

The following payment methods are accepted:
-Bank transfer to ISBA-IS-RE-513-38-380206 in favour of STR=CD
-VISA or EUROCARD, by sending card information to
-Cash (DEM or SIT), Visa or Eurocard payment on location 10 November
Those requiring a formal invoice should contact


Grand Hotel Toplice
4260 Bled
Tel.: + 386 64 7910
Fax : + 386 64 741 841

Additional information

Further practical information is available on the WWW:

All the latest information will also be made available there and at:

Information can also be obtained from:, or Borka
Jerman-Blazic, by fax: +386 61 123-2118, or =DEorvar=F0ur K=E1ri =D3lafss=
on, by fax:
+354 587-7409.
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