Re: CLOSES & Co.

John Martin (
Wed, 02 Oct 1996 10:21:59 +0100

Date: Wed, 02 Oct 1996 10:21:59 +0100
From: John Martin <>
Subject: Re: CLOSES & Co.
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To: Claudio Allocchio - +39 40 3758523 <ALLOCCHIO@ELETTRA.TRIESTE.IT>,
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At 11:07 am +0100 29/09/96, Claudio Allocchio - +39 40 3758523 wrote:
>Hallo all,
>Just to inform you that I already sent the REMOVE ALL request to their mail
>server on behalf of all TERENA WG lists (yes... I faked the MAIL FROM
>field... but this time was for a useful purpouse).
>I also started a discussion on IETF global list to check if there is an
>interest group of people to start some studies to filter off these abuses.

Looking at the mail headers, it seemed that this was sent to the
ietf-charsets list and not the wg-i18n list directly. (wg-i18n is a member
of this list, I guess?) This is the same for all the previous abuses,

I sent a forged message from 'ietf-charsets' last week with a "REMOVE ALL",
as suggested in the message(s) but this has obviously not worked. I have
tried also contacting postmaster but to no avail. seems that the only option left now is to mail-bomb them and see how
they like it :-(


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