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Glenn Adams (
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 10:26:34 -0400

Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 10:26:34 -0400
From: Glenn Adams <>
Subject: Re: Call for proposals
To: Masataka Ohta <>
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    From: Masataka Ohta <>
    Subject: Re: Call for proposals

    is very good to express that ISO 10646 has universal only with
    intra-European scope.

That's strange.  Why is 10646 now a Japanese National Standard (JIS X 0221)
and why is it a Chinese Standard (GB 13000)?  Why did *your* national
standard's body accept it is a standard and support its continued development?
Have you talked to your national standards body representatives to determine
their opinion on this subject?  Or is this simply your personal opinion?

Please Ohta-san, let's not start this argument again.  We all know your
opinion on this subject already.

Glenn Adams

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