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Re: Tidy

From: Geoff McLane <ubuntu@geoffair.info>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2017 19:11:06 +0200
To: html-tidy@w3.org
Message-ID: <af4bb804-58b4-9def-0b42-f9a558d5b85e@geoffair.info>
Hi Steve,

Thanks for your words about Tidy... we hope you continue to find it 
useful... in a cross-platform way...

Concerning a Tidy GUI app, I know of **no** 'official' efforts to do 
this by this HTACG group...

A few years back now I pushed my own minimal efforts to a repo, and 
added some 'research' into other GUI efforts I found... see - 
https://github.com/geoffmcl/tidy-gui2#history - and would certainly 
appreciate an update of all the links, and maybe add more, others, that 
I missed...

But I stopped about version Tidy 5.3.9, circa Aug 2016, while the 
current Tidy `next` is upward of 5.5.12, circa Mar 2017... lots of steps 

The problem is always using a cross-platform 'framework' to provide the 
GUI windows - I chose Qt for this, specifically Qt4 - but that is quite 
a **big** package to install, a big dependence, and there is now a 
Qt5... but there other choices for this...

The next thing is to keep the GUI up-to-date with the changing Tidy 
options. Again I tried to automate this, but sort of ran out of steam... 
but it mostly works, with some help from a perl script, to auto-generate 

It is a tough job to generate all the Qt code to establish all the 
options, and maybe I took this too far, especially since we can edit and 
use a 'config' file...

And then regarding the Qt DLL dependence... such a GUI should have a 
full 'installer', at least for Windows...

If you, or others, want to push these GUI efforts forward, then I would 
help where I can... thanks...

Regards, Geoff.
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