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Help, please...

From: Andrea Cooper <acooper19426@earthlink.net>
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 06:32:38 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
Message-ID: <24376140.1212229958630.JavaMail.root@elwamui-rubis.atl.sa.earthlink.net>
To: html-tidy@w3.org

Dear Tidy,

I'm working with RapidWeaver 3.6.7 version and am having a problem with my home page; hoping that you can help me.  Here is the problem:

All of the pages on my site are currently in RapidWeaver with the exception of the Home Page.  The Home Page, or index.html, at this time only exists on Fetch (I’ve backed it up on a CD, too.) I created a “false and empty” home page on RapidWeaver, so that I can update all of the other pages without loosing the Home Page.  The reason why my Home Page index.html is in Fetch and not in RapidWeaver is, because I needed to insert a Zazzle Flash panel on the Home Page and was unable to insert the code into the html are of the Home Page.  My server provider, DotEasy, was able to install this code for me where I needed it from their end and behind the scenes, which is why my index.html now resides in Fetch.  This is leaving me in a situation where I can’t make any changes to my Home Page at this point without loosing the Flash Panel.  I have no control over my home page, because it exists outside of RapidWeaver. 

I need to some how “import” this index.html file back into RapidWeaver, or recreate the entire home page with the Zazzle Flash Panel in the HTML portion of the page (not the side bar.) The initial problem I had was that I couldn’t get the main part of the page to accept the Zazzle code by simply pasting it in the html section.  However, when I pasted this  code into the side bar with the Page Inspector, it worked.  This Flash Panel is too big and important to my website to live in the side bar. 

Here is the URL to my site: www.adultpairskating.com

The folk in RapidWeaver support have already told me that there is not a way to import the index.html back into RapidWeaver.  Perhaps you can let me know where to past the code, so that my Flash Panel can appear in the body of my home page as you currently see it.  I wouldn’t mind recreating this entire page in RapidWeaver, if I could once again gain control over my Home Page. 

Many thanks, 
Andrea Cooper

Andrea Cooper
Received on Saturday, 31 May 2008 18:03:48 UTC

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