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From: Richard Pineger <marrocdanderfluff@yahoo.co.in>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2007 21:12:14 -0000
To: <html-tidy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <BA002C6073F74171841990CA6DDB1E5D@Thomas>

Good for you David. One of those threads was mine. We've been working around
it by preprocessing to replace nbsp and other important entities with a
marker phrase, "nbspmarker" etc. and post processing to put them back in.

BTW - my humble thanks to Tidy programmers. It is a great tool that has
helped as part of conversions of html to XHTML and DITA XML for XML content
management systems.


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Subject: Re: missing &nbsp;

With default encodings it will produce <meta...charset=us-ascii> and all
nonascii chars will be converted to entities. Both is wrong. Why
"quote-nbsp:true" doesn't take place?


Bjoern Hoehrmann napsal(a):
> * ml wrote:
>> I have following config:
>> bare:false
>> indent:false
>> output-html:true
>> doctype:transitional
>> hide-comments:true
>> wrap:0
>> quote-nbsp:true
>> quote-marks:false
>> quote-ampersand:true
>> break-before-br:false
>> char-encoding:raw
>> input-encoding:raw
>> output-encoding:raw
>> I found few threads discussing it but no solution. Tested versions 
>> are Ubuntu package "HTML Tidy for Linux/x86 released on 1 September 2005"
>> and Pecl PHP Tidy 1.2.
>> Any suggestion to preven Tidy from removing "&nbsp;"? I need UTF-8 
>> input/output.
> Then why do you specify 'raw'? Can you reproduce this problem with 
> only the default options?
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