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Updates to HTML Tidy

From: Gustav Colliander <gustav@easybyte.com>
Date: 30 Dec 2005 14:15:08 +0000
To: html-tidy@w3.org
Message-ID: <>

   I would like to do some updates to HTML Tidy but I dont know who to contact?

There are a number of bugs with how it handles <li> tags when converting to XHTML
for example, please look at this sample input HTML which when viewed in a browser
seems fine, but when converted to XHTML tidy just ignores the </li> tags and puts 
in a <li> tag!!  Even though I put in lots of </li> tags they all get ignored!

<title>Some Title</title>
<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"><font FACE="Arial" SIZE="3" >The Compact E.O.S. is composed of two integrated modules: the well known Agfa daylight system and the Agfa Classic E.O.S. film processor. The small footprint enables it to be installed even in restricted spaces. The Compact E.O.S. can be extended at the back with a table for film processing 
from a darkroom.<br> <br> <li>capacity: up to 240 films per hour (medium format)<br> <li>cassette cycle time: 15 s<br> <li>film formats: 18 x24cm to 35 x 43cm<br> <li>film storage magazines that can be used: Curix, Scopix<br> <li>loading and unloading module with 7 dispensers<br> <li>integrated time switch for automatically switching on and off at 
preselected times<br> <li>stand-by circuit<br> <li>water economy circuit for the integrated film processor<br> <li>film surface scanning for optimum regeneration depending on the film throughput<br> <li>infrared cold air drier offers reduced power consumption with lower heat dissipation <br> <li>interactive operating display that shows operating 
state and possible service messages<br> <br> </font></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li><b><font FACE="Arial" SIZE="3" ><font COLOR="#000000">Technical data:</b><font COLOR="#000000" ><br> <br> <li>power supply: 230V, 50 Hz<br> <li>dimensions (w x d x h ): 750 x 890 x 1470mm<br> <li>weight: approx. 385 kg (ready&nbsp;&nbsp;for 


Gustav Colliander
Received on Friday, 30 December 2005 14:11:49 UTC

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