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compiler error.

From: Dragos CIULICA <dragos@ciulica.ro>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 16:53:50 +0300
To: <html-tidy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000301c59e7c$1a9569a0$13b0b551@cuculetz>
Hi! I'm getting a strange compiler error, and I cannot handle it. I use
MSDEV 6.0 with Platform SDK 2003 and IE 55 headers lib. Here's the error:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\include\windef.h(142) : error C2378:
'CheckBool' : redefinition; symbol cannot be overloaded with a typedef
        ..\Tidy\src\attrs.h(90) : see declaration of 'CheckBool'

and it points to windef.h file at line 
typedef int                 BOOL;
I tried to rename the BOOL stuff in attrs.h/attrs.c (from BOOL into TBOOL,
for example), and the error moves to another point:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\include\wtypes.h(975) : warning C4091:
'typedef ' : ignored on left of 'double' when no variable is declared
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\include\wtypes.h(975) : error C2143: syntax
error : missing ';' before 'constant'
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\include\wtypes.h(975) : fatal error C1004:
unexpected end of file found

Am I doing something wrong? Should I have set some flag or define in my

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