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Re: Chinese characters in BBEdit (again)

From: Kerri Hicks <Kerri_Hicks@brown.edu>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 15:43:26 -0400
Message-ID: <42FA58DE.7050401@brown.edu>
To: html-tidy@w3.org

Chris von Rosenvinge wrote:

> Colleagues,
> The discussion about Microsoft Word reminds me that BBEdit is in many 
> ways a superior text editor, at least on the Mac.
> Unfortunately BBEdit doesn't play well with Tidy either. BBEdit has a 
> built-in Tidy feature under the Markup menu item. I don't see how to 
> use a configuration file with it. 

What is it in particular that you need to edit the config file for? Just 

> The BBTidy plug-in (1.0b10-01 Dec 02,  W3C 1998-2002, Terry Teague 
> 1998-2004) in BBEdit 8.2.2, on the other hand, has the following two 
> problems:
> 1. The BBTidy plug-in has a bug that renders the tidied file in 
> Chinese characters. 

That's because the BBTidy plugin (which isn't part of BBEdit, and wasn't 
written by Bare Bones) doesn't seem to be unicode aware. Since version 
8, plugins to BBEdit have to be unicode aware.

> 2. In the config file that I can choose with the BBTidy plug-in, I use
> ascii-chars: no
> numeric-entities: yes
> This leaves alone such items as #160 (non-breaking space) and #8226 
> (bullet) as well as #8211 (en dash) and #8220 (curly open quote). It 
> even knows to convert ndash to #8211. However, it turns eacute and 
> #233 into an e with an acute accent, which reads OK as a local file 
> opened in a browser, but displays incorrectly from a web server. 
> Similarly with other accented characters, such as U umlaut.
> Does anyone know how to avoid these problems?

I use the Tidy built into BBEdit. I also use BBEdit's Translate function 
(Markup --> Utilities --> Translate) to convert unicode characters to 
HTML entities. And "Straighten Quotes" under the Text menu.

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