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Re: [Fwd: [Magickal Order of Light] Re: Enochian Purity]

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--- In magickorderoflight@yahoogroups.com, "lateralus889" 
<lateralus889@y...> wrote:
> --- In magickorderoflight@yahoogroups.com, "ebony_magique" 
> <ebony_magique@y...> wrote:
> > Over the years I have sworn off enochian magick.(!)
> > Then the dreams come........I see words, I mean I ACTUALLY see 
> > visually in my dreams,,which sometimes I have not known 
> > I throw them in a search engine,,,and they link back to a ritual 
> > did
> > a la enochianas years ago.
> > Last night,,,seen and heard a word mentioned to me (I knew the 
> > meaning
> > of this word though), in a classroom setting..the word was
> > "gregarious"...classroom setting is frequent with me. There's 
> > there too.... though I never actually see them or hear them,,,just
> > know they and 'some teachers' are present.
> > 
> > The word  "gregarious" was linked on graph paper telling me the
> > letters enjoy each other's 'company'........then I see enochian
> > tablets all around me.
> >  
> >  Last week the word was "skulldugery"
> > 
> > 
> > On a serious note...is it possible to get a thread going where 
> active
> > enochian magickians have come up with a system based on 'pure
> > enochian',,without the golden dawn jive?
> > 
> > Another question...does anybody else find similair circumstances
> > happening to them after heavy bouts of enochian?
> Know that you are not alone. I also have had word's put up on the 
> screen, many, many times... in fact it has been going on with me 
> a few year's now. Some power of inconcievable intelligence wake's 
> up out of my sleep with messages, many time's with word's put on 
> screen as I'm still in the hypnogogic state with my eye's shut.

It also sometimes happen's AFTER I've already come out of the 
hypnogogic state, and I'm just lying there awake with my eyes shut. 
Usually He/she/it communicates through vision's, but about 20% of the 
time through word's clearly written on the screen of my mind. I 
believe it's just my own higher self.

My two cent's...


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