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[Magickal Order of Light] Enochian Purity

From: ebony_magique <ebony_magique@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 14:21:36 -0000
To: magickorderoflight@yahoogroups.com
Message-ID: <bfu2pg+bupj@eGroups.com>

Over the years I have sworn off enochian magick.(!)
Then the dreams come........I see words, I mean I ACTUALLY see words
visually in my dreams,,which sometimes I have not known consciously.
I throw them in a search engine,,,and they link back to a ritual I 
a la enochianas years ago.
Last night,,,seen and heard a word mentioned to me (I knew the 
of this word though), in a classroom setting..the word was
"gregarious"...classroom setting is frequent with me. There's others
there too.... though I never actually see them or hear them,,,just
know they and 'some teachers' are present.

The word  "gregarious" was linked on graph paper telling me the
letters enjoy each other's 'company'........then I see enochian
tablets all around me.
 Last week the word was "skulldugery"


On a serious note...is it possible to get a thread going where active
enochian magickians have come up with a system based on 'pure
enochian',,without the golden dawn jive?

Another question...does anybody else find similair circumstances
happening to them after heavy bouts of enochian?

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