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RE: Suppressing the extra CR after an </tag>

From: Jason Manaigre <jmanaigre@iisd.ca>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 15:49:54 -0600
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Hi everyone, Alex I downloaded the latest tidy.exe for Windows and it was doing just that, removing all CR after end tags... so you may want to try it...
But i was wondering how to turn that back on? I don't mind the extra space when editing large xhtml files...
Any ideas?

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	From: Alex Grässer-CTK [mailto:alex@computicket.com] 
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	Subject: Suppressing the extra CR after an </tag>


	Is there a way to suppress the extra Carriage return after and end tag? 

	I.e.. Instead of 
	  <second>some text</second> 

	  <third>more text</third> 

	  <fourth attrib="value" /> 

	  <fifth>Hello World</fifth> 

	To pretty-print 
	  <second>some text</second> 
	  <third>more text</third> 
	  <fourth attrib="value" /> 
	  <fifth>Hello World</fifth> 

	This would make my XML files more readable I find. 

	Thanks for a great tool though! 

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