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RE: Tidy support

From: Jelks Cabaniss <jelks@jelks.nu>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 23:10:45 -0500
To: <html-tidy@w3.org>
Cc: "'David Wier'" <dwier@augustwind.com>
Message-ID: <000d01c286dc$d06ebac0$6601a8c0@blackie>

David Wier wrote:

> I'm looking at integrating Tidy into my ASP/ASP.Net/HTML
> editor, ASP Express 

This will be neat if you get it working.  Most of the ASP (classic or
.NET) editors I've played with (VS.NET is one egregious example) have
absolutely no concept of, say, XHTML, or what markup is.  To these
editors, everything is just "tags", and the main benchmark is "how does
it look in the browser[s]?"  :)

I noticed you posted this to the W3C Tidy list.  Since you are a
developer, I would highly suggest subscribing to the
tidy-develop@lists.sourceforge.net list.  See also:


Note that the latest Tidy source and executables, while not officially
yet released as part of the Sourceforge project, are currently at:


That's the library version of Tidy, and I personally would recommend
that as to what you would incorporate into ASP Express -- it's just more
> 1. I created a config file to add new tags, since I use
> asp.net, and custom tags (user controls) are able to be
> created ..... I've tried using all of the supplied types:
> new-inline-tags: new-empty-tags: new-blocklevel-tags: new-
> pre-tags:  
> And I've tried adding my tags in different ways:
> aspnet101:side, <aspnet101:side, <aspnet101:side>, and the
> last real way the tag looks: <aspnet101:side
> runat="server"/>
> I ALWAYS get an errror message - <aspnet101:side> is not
> recognized What syntax do I use in the Config file?

  <aspnet101:side runat="server"/>

shows that it's an "empty" element (the '/>' at the end is a dead
giveaway).  So in your config file, try:

  new-empty-tags: aspnet101:side

In your examples above, it looks like you are inserting the angle
brackets with the element names.  Don't do that -- you want just the
name of the element, no markup syntax or attributes.  I agree, it could
be confusing; they might have possibly been less confusingly called
"new-empty-elements", etc. instead of "new-empty-tags", etc.  

For your ASP.NET elements to be inline, like
<asp:whatever>this</asp:whatever>, use "new-inline-tags: asp:whatever".
For those that are blocks (think <div> and <p>), i.e., you want it to
show up like




use "new-blocklevel-tags: asp:whatever" in the config file (without the
quotes, of course).  BTW, you *should* be able to somewhat configure the
way your block-level elements are arranged with the "indent" option,
though I have not personally tried it with the "new-*" options.

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