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Re: Hide the @ from email-harvesting robots

From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi@gmx.net>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 15:57:00 +0100
To: "Fred Keller" <fkeller@showme.net>
Cc: <html-tidy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <o6n78u8rc0lprv19l3b556mlb3dgnleqtv@4ax.com>
* Fred Keller wrote:
>Why not let Tidy allow me to code the "at" sign
>as &#64; and list web-page e-mail as 
>rather than Tidy auto-converting it to
>me@mydomain.com . This would offer simple,
>moderate protection against robots that harvest
>e-mail addresses. 

While I believe this conclusion is just wrong, how should we integrate
such a feature into HTML Tidy? Add a new option

  keep-at-sign-escaped: yes | [no]

This would just bloat the configuration possibilities in HTML Tidy, it's
been hard enough to get an overview on them even before I started to add
options. I don't see the actual benefit.
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