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Re: Tidy changes all   into ? in my document. :-(

From: Lee Passey <lee@www.dysfunctionals.org>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 12:10:18 -0700
Message-ID: <3C58451A.1010705@www.dysfunctionals.org>
To: Franklen Choi <franklen@pacific.net.hk>, html-tidy@w3.org

Franklen Choi wrote:

>Dear all
>I find a problem with Tidy. Each time when I use Tidy to clean up the
>codes of my document, save the document and open it again, I find there
>are lots of "?" characters. I have had a hard time in locating the
>problem, only to find that this is because Tidy converts all '&nbsp;'
>into '?'. If a '&nbsp' is adjacent to a tag, Tidy will also trim the
>tag. So I find lots of ?br> or ?p>.
>I have a lots of web-pages needing to be cleaned, and these pages were
>previously created by an old version of netscape composer, which added
>many '&nbsp;' in these documents. However, since the above problem
>exists, I must clear up all the "?" after tidy cleans the codes. This is
>rather inconvienence.
>The following is my configuaration file for Tidy
>tidy-mark: yes
>markup: yes
>wrap: 72
>tab-size: 8
>indent: auto
>indent-spaces: 2
>output-xhtml: no
>doctype: loose
>char-encoding: raw
>clean: no
>logical-emphasis: yes
>keep-time: yes
>quote-nbsp: yes
>I use the raw option because my documents contain Asian characters. I
>have tried to change the option for quote-nbsp to 'no' but in vain. I
>use the win32 version of Tidy which is supposed to support Asian
>characters (although this command line program is itself unsupported
>now, its version date was Sept, 2001). Can anyone suggest how I should
>go on? Thank you very much for any reply.
>Franklen CKS
>Hong Kong
char-encoding: raw <= this is your problem.

Raw encoding is the tidy equivalent of "garbage in, garbage out".  When parsing, tidy converts everything (including named entities such as &nbsp;) into utf-8;  once the DOM is constructed and cleaned, it outputs everything in the requested encoding. Raw output doesn't create any entities (phrases beginning with & and ending with ;); since you have requested raw, it coverts the non-breaking space (stored internally in utf8) to it's numeric value, 160.

I don't know why you need to use raw encoding for asian character sets, but I really don't need to know because tidy has the option of specifying different input and output encodings.  Thus, if you specify:

input-encoding: raw
output-encoding: utf8

your input will be read just as it is now, but the output will be valid utf-8.  If you wanted unicode output you could use:

output-encoding: iso2022

If your version of tidy was built with support for asian encodings you should also be able to use:

output-encoding: shiftjis

or for the chinese big 5 character set:

output-encoding: big5

Other relevant output encodings include ASCII (to limit the output to 7-bit values), mac (to convert to the McIntosh Roman character set), win1252 (which uses otherwise invalid values in the 128-159 range), and latin-1 (probably the most common). With any of these encodings, characters which cannot be represented in the requested output character set are converted to entities.

I hope this helps.
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