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Re: Duplicate style attribute generated on a DIV tag that replaces a UL tag.

From: Terry Teague <terry_teague@users.sourceforge.net>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 19:49:11 -0800
Message-Id: <l03130300b813a4f7eafd@[]>
To: html-tidy@w3.org
At 5:27 PM +0100 11/10/01, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>* Michael Goldberg wrote:
>>If I run the input at the bottom of this e-mail through Tidy, the <ul> tag
>>is converted to a <div> tag.  I presume this is being done because the <ul>
>>element does not have any direct <li> child elements.  That's probably OK,
>>but the problem we are having is with the following generated <div> tag:
>><div style="margin-left: 2em" style='margin-top:0in'>
>I cannot reproduce this with the current or the 04 august 2000 version.

Actually I can reproduce this with both the current and 04 Aug 00 version.
I had a quick look at the source to see if there was something obviously
wrong, but it wasn't that simple.

Regards, Terry
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