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Re: enclose-block-text bug

From: Terry Teague <terry_teague@users.sourceforge.net>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 23:45:41 -0700
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To: "'html-tidy@w3.org'" <html-tidy@w3.org>, tidy-develop@lists.sourceforge.net
At 2:50 PM +0100 10/12/01, Parsons, Rick wrote:
>[I originally sent this to the Tidy-dev list and got no response, so perhaps
>that was the wrong place]
>I tried out the enclose-block-text: yes option on the Sep 1 cut (Sep 15
>build) of tidy [win32] with these strange results. It seems to be disturbed
>by inline elements, only starting the <p> at the first raw text.
>While I am here, I didn't see any response to Guillaume Rousse's query about
>"spacing between siblings" [html-tidy@w3.org 9 Aug]. I would support the
>call for an option to disable the generation of extra blank lines in the
>output, or even suppress them entirely. There is "pretty print" and there is

While I read all such bug reports, I'm not an expert in many of these
areas, so I don't respond unless I have an answer worth listening to.

However, responding to possible bug reports is made much easier if the
person reporting the problem describes in detail the version of Tidy, any
command line options, any configuration file settings, a simple test case
(if possible) that illustrates the problem, and information on what they
tried to find the cause of the problem - saying "it doesn't work" doesn't
get much attention.

And preferably if the bug is reported through the bug trackers at
<http://sourgeforge.net/projects/tidy>, it has a much better chance of not
being ignored.

Regards, Terry
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