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Re: C++

From: Andy Dent <dent@oofile.com.au>
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 06:33:22 +0800
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At 12:34 -0600 2/10/2001, Lee Passey wrote:
>"Rick Cameron" wrote:
>> Did you create C++ classes, or did you just get the source to compile as
>> C++?
>I actually created C++ classes.  Interestingly, with all the structure
>pointers being passed around, it almost looked like tidy was originally
>written in C++ and then back-ported to C.
Is it really necessary to recode yet another fork of Tidy in C++?

I haven't had much time to look at it but one of the guys who worked for me
did a C++ wrapper for Tidy based on the same forwarding model we used for
our very successful expatpp wrapper for expat.


When something is written in a clean OO design (as Tidy seems to be - NOT
back-ported from C++) it's pretty easy to wrap in C++ and retain the
original source to avoid compatibility problems.

If you have really good reasons for forking off a separate C++ development,
that's great and we may be interested in helping, otherwise I suggest the
wrapper approach is superior and given inline method compilation, adds
almost no overhead.

Note: when polished, our wrapper will be contributed back to the Tidy
community, it's just that I've been really really busy with other issues,
mainly MacOS/X driven and I don't let any source out the door until I've
OK'd what's in it.

Andy Dent BSc  MACS  AACM
OOFILE - Database, Reports, Graphs, GUI for c++ on Mac, Unix & Windows
PP2MFC - PowerPlant->MFC portability
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