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Re: HTML tidy and Win 2000

From: <Juha.Haikio@stuk.fi>
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 03:20:56 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <E297DD0576FDD211B0270008C72849270119F4AF@saana.stuk.fi>
To: html-tidy@w3.org

Larry W. Virden wrote on Saturday, July 21, 2001 6:16 AM:

> I wonder if there is a way to set up tidy.exe so that it 
> automatically starts a dos window and then runs.  If someone then 
> somehow (don't know enough windows to supply the missing details 
> here) tells windows to run tidy with a specific html file, it 
> would produce output in said window. Unfortunately, not a lot to 
> be done about tidy with no arguments producing no output as long 
> as it is going to be set up to read stdin for data ... unless 
> someone adds a 'timeout' for initial input on the windows platform...

I run Tidy on Windows NT 4.0. Since filtering 
a file is very straightforward task, I rather use 
Explorer shell than a specific GUI. I think this 
applies to any 32-bit Windows. That's how it 

1) On the Registry branch 
 (or "\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\NetscapeMarkup\shell" 
 if Netscape is the default browser)
 create an entry "Tidy" with content "T&idy!". 

 Of course, you need administrator priviledges 
 and some knowledge of using Regedit.

2) Under "Tidy"-key, create a "command" entry
 with content "[path]Tidy.exe -options %1" 
 where "[path]" is the directory where Tidy.exe 
 resides (not needed if the directory is included 
 in Windows' path-variable) and "-options" are 
 Tidy's own options. The "%1" is the important 
 part: it refers to the selected file.

 See the attached screen shot: <Tidy-reg.gif>
 Now you can tidy up an .htm/.html file though 
 a right mouse click & selection or through key 
 strokes 'Win-listbutton' & 'i'.

 See the attached screen shot: <Tidy-shell.gif>
HTH, Juha Häikiö

(image/gif attachment: Tidy-reg.gif)

(image/gif attachment: Tidy-shell.gif)

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