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FAQ List ?

From: r keir <rmkeir@earthlink.net>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 23:07:27 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <3A90AA8D.7F89F527@earthlink.net>
To: html-tidy@w3.org
[In reading this note, I have found it sounds negative.  My experience
with Tidy and HTML, though frustrating at times, has been quite
positive.  I am impressed with both.]

I'm new to HTML and hate to bother you with questions or suggestions you
have no doubt received many times.  Do you have a list of Frequently
Asked Questions that I could look over ?

My second question concerns "Flowing text around images" in the Advanced
part of your Introduction.  The <br  clear="all"> tag is used but not
explained, and I have no idea where to look for it.  Somewhere in this
overwhelming amount of hyper-linked stuff on HTML there must be a lookup
table for <br ...> and for clear="all".  Can you tell me where to find
it ?
(I really have tried.  My Sam's Teach Yourself HTML4 (Sec. Ed.) shows
<br> but doesn't discuss 'clear', and the values "none" and "all" could
use some explaining, for example why 'none' doesn't signify canceling
the <br> !)

My third question concerns the command line.  My first use of Tidy was
frustrating because the file I directed errors to using -f came up with
0 bytes, even though I already knew of several errors/warnings and Tidy
found 12 on a later run.  I didn't use -m on the command line because I
wanted to look at the original text  with the error list to match line
numbers.  I expected to ignore the stdout output.  On the later run, I
safe-copied the file and used -m, which got me the Tidy'd output and the
error list, but it quickly became obvious that the line numbers were
indeed those on the (lost) original text.
   So my third question is "Why was the error output file empty ?", and
my fourth question is "How do you recommend relating the error messages
to the Tidy'd code ?  I am as much interested in furthering my education
now as I will be in simply getting robust HTML code later on, and line
numbers on a long (altered) text would save a lot of unnecessary

I suppose my fifth question is "Would you consider adding a command line
option to show relevant line numbers in the Tidy'd text, perhaps in <!
... > comment form ?".

My fifth question is "Why did Tidy erase my comment lines ?".  I have
learned the hard lesson about documenting my code, but Tidy cleaned out
my implementation and futures notes !

My final question is a reaction to the difficulties of printing a
hyperlinked text, even one as simply-linked as your excellent
Introduction to HTML.  Is there some way to print (e.g.) the HTML
standard in one pass ?  Is there a one-file version available anywhere ?

You're doing great work.  I hope these questions don't take too much
time away from your constructive efforts.

Thanks,                                R. Keir
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