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conf file usage?

From: Ryan Gallagher <rgallagher@ibooks.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 12:31:48 -0600
To: <html-tidy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000901c0817c$eb7c65e0$d16ea8c0@ibooks.com>
I have a conf file for my tidy installation...

but i'm having trouble telling if it is using it... it appears to be except
that i have the "keep-time:" set to "yes".  And it's still modifying the

I have lots of "//" style comments in the conf file... i don't know if these
are allowed anywhere or just at the top.  Anyone know what the comment lines
have to conform to in order not to mess up the file?

here's a snip:

// set an env. var HTML_TIDY to point to this file
// or use this syntax:
// tidy -config /path/to/config/file [other options] targetfile(s)
tidy-mark: no
        // tidy-mark: bool (yes)
        // If set to yes (the default) Tidy will add a meta element
        // to the document head to indicate that the document has
        // been tidied. To suppress this, set tidy-mark to no. Tidy
        // won't add a meta element if one is already present.
markup: yes
        // markup: bool (yes)
        // Determines whether Tidy generates a pretty printed version
        // of the markup. Bool values are either yes or no. Note that
        // Tidy won't generate a pretty printed version if it finds
        // unknown tags, or missing trailing quotes on attribute
        // values, or missing trailing '>' on tags. The default is yes.
wrap: 80
        // wrap: number (66)
        // Sets the right margin for line wrapping. Tidy tries to
        // wrap lines so that they do not exceed this length. The
        // default is 66. Set wrap to zero if you want to disable
        // line wrapping.


The tabs before the // might be part of the problem but i'm unfamiliar with
how tidy parses it's configuration file.

If i can get this to appear like its working then i was planning to upload
the entire VERBOSE conf file... with defaults plainly indicated for others
to use... but i'm not sure if it is working 100%.

Any help would be appreciated...
Ryan Gallagher.

PS - i'm activating the conf by setting the ENV. var HTML_TIDY to the proper

  Ryan Gallagher
  Open Content Editor
Received on Thursday, 18 January 2001 13:29:57 UTC

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