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Tidy - Bug report (2)

From: Rolf Hemmerling <hemmerling@gmx.net>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 07:44:11 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <3A35D6E4.D8142F00@gmx.net>
To: html-tidy@w3.org
Hello ! 

Bug report for Tidy
This text
>      Again Thanks Bill Butler <lucky@cybergate.com></B><BR>

causes this error message 
> Tidy (vers 4th August 2000) Parsing "gbook.htm"
> line 301 column 40 - Error: <lucky> is not recognized!
> line 301 column 40 - Warning: discarding unexpected <lucky>
> gbook.htm: Doctype given is "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
> gbook.htm: Document content looks like HTML 4.01 Transitional
> 2 warnings/errors were found!
> This document has errors that must be fixed before
> using HTML Tidy to generate a tidied up version.

Problem: If I use "automatic" file redirection, I get an EMPTY file. In
fact, as I was not careful enough, I **lost** the original file, as I
usually copied the "new" file over the "old" file, to get a better
formated version !

So with batch processing, as I do, there is much danger. In fact, the
code was written as part of a commercial guestbook ( good old Lpage)
entry. So there IS software which generates this faulty code or at least
allows the generation of such faulty code !

---> so think about a default-enabled option that such en error does NOT
result in an empty output file !!!

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