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Re: "How to install and run tidy"

From: Howard Kaikow <kaikow@standards.com>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 18:40:17 -0500
Message-Id: <,1>
To: html-tidy@w3.org
You can use TidyGUI instead of Tidy. THis allows you to browse to find your 

Also, I did this yesterday, you can  include Tidy in your Send To menu.
I find this more convenient, most of the time, since I can right click on a 
file in Windows Explorer and send the file to Tidy. I included the command line

D:\HTML\Tidy\tidy.exe  -c TidyConfiguration.txt -f TidyErrors.txt

I am using the following configuration file

// HTML Tidy configuration file created by TidyGUI
error-file: TidyErrors.txt
tidy-mark: no
enclose-text: yes
enclose-block-text: yes
drop-empty-paras: yes

Note that both Tidy and TidyGUI seem to be ignoring the error-file line, 
that's why I had to include the error file in the SEnd To shortcut.

I do not see any option to include the error file in the TidyGUI command line.

At 12:48 12/6/2000, Jerry Trainello wrote:
 >Hi Dave,
 >A very basic question? I downloaded "tidy" by the way i think it is
 >wonderful that some one is doing this, Congratulations!
 >Any how i have tidy in it's own folder,called "tidy" my problem is i
 >don't know
 >how to open the program so that i can use it. I open the dos window
 >but cant get the program opened, can you help? Regards Jerry.
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