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Re: Tidy from Aug 04 not updating html file.

From: J. David Bryan <jdbryan@acm.org>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 12:41:30 -0500
Message-Id: <200011201741.MAA20326@mail.bcpl.net>
To: HTML Tidy List <html-tidy@w3.org>
On 20 Nov 2000, at 11:54, Larry W. Virden wrote:

> 1. I have write permissions on the web page I am trying to get tidy
> to update.


  $ tidy tst.html

...and see if you get the proper output on the screen.  If so, then Tidy is 
having problems writing the corrected output back to the file.  If not, 
then the trouble is elsewhere.

> 2. I was surprised to read that tidy treats fixing html and
> pretty-printing (moving text around to particular columns, wrapping,
> etc.) as the same thing.

That's due to the way Tidy works.  Basically, Tidy reads the input file and 
creates a parse tree.  After the input file is completely processed, Tidy 
walks the parse tree and prints to the output file as it goes.  Pretty-
printing options simply modify the way Tidy does the printing.

The "markup" option is perhaps confusingly named.  "Markup: no" should be 
interpreted as "don't output any markup during processing," i.e., don't 
produce any output except Tidy diagnostics.

> 3. However, I'm not sure whether that's the whole picture.  Here's
> the latest test:
> $ tidy -m tst.html
> Notice that I'm not providing any config file.  It is my understadning
> that this should take the default action - updating the file.

It should, in the absence of any implied configuration file.  Note that 
Tidy will process:

 1. A configuration filename supplied on the command line.

 2. A configuration filename designated by the HTML_TIDY environment

 3. A ".tidyrc" file, if present in the HOME directory.

 4. A compiled-in default filename, if defined.

Perhaps you're still getting "markup: no" from one of these sources?

(Some time ago, I suggested an enhancement that would have Tidy print to 
the console the name of any configuration file processed.  It sure would 
help to track down "stealth" configuration problems of this nature!)

                                      -- Dave
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