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RE: Error from Tidy

From: Bischoff, Alex <Alex.Bischoff@xpedior.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 10:46:58 -0500
Message-ID: <9B265BAA5315D411B6A500D0B7694942BF842E@ALEX00>
To: "'html-tidy@w3.org'" <html-tidy@w3.org>
> I also want to change the default settings for Tidy. Could someone 
> explain in *very simple terms* how I set the environmental variable
> HTML_TIDY in Windows 98 please. What exactly do I need to type and in
> which file?

I use Win2k here at work, so these directions for Win98 are just off the top
of my head ;). But, I'm pretty sure they're right. And, though these steps
should work fine, it's possible that there is also a GUI-way of doing this
in Win98 as well.

1. Using Notepad.exe, open "autoexec.bat" in your root directory. For
instance, if you boot off of C:, the file to open would be
"C:\autoexec.bat". If that file doesn't exist on your system, just open
Notepad anyway.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the file and add a new line such as the
following, without the quotes: "SET HTML_TIDY=C:\Progra~1\tidy\tidy.cfg". I
chose to use 8-letter version of "Program Files" because I'm not sure of the
syntax for environment variables with long filenames. If someone knows the
"real syntax" for long filenames in environment variables, please post :).

3. That's it. Just save the file, and reboot your PC (this is necessary only
because autoexec.bat is only run on startup). 

Also, if in step #1 you didn't have an "autoexec.bat" (and you had to open
Notepad anyway), just be sure to now save the file as "autoexec.bat" in your
root directory (such as c:\autoexec.bat). But, be sure to use the quotes
around the filename when you save! They're to get around a "feature" of
Notepad -- it automatically adds ".txt" to filenames for you, unless you use
quote-marks in the File-Save dialog box :-/.

Also, here're the steps for Win2k/NT4:

1. Open Control Panel, and load "System".
2. Goto the "Advanced" tab and click on "Environment Variables"
3. In the "System Variables" section, click on "New"
4. For "Variable Name" enter "HTML_TIDY" (without the quotes).
5. For "Variable Value" enter the path such as "C:\Program
Files\tidy\tidy.cfg" (without the quotes). For Win2k/NT4, long filenames are
ok (that's how I'm doing it, and it works fine).
6. Choose the "Ok" button until you're out of Control Panel
7. A reboot is not necessary with these operating systems IIRC.

PS Frank: It's possible that Win98 now has some kind of GUI for setting
environment variables, as Win2k/NT does (but I haven't used Win95/98 in
ages, so I have no idea). So, feel free to go through the Win2k/NT steps
above, if you're curious.

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