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Re: xml parsing error for < character

From: Sebastian Lange <lange@cyperfection.de>
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 12:50:19 +0200
Message-Id: <>
To: html-tidy@w3.org
It would be great if Tidy gave an option to write JavaScript and CSS to an 
external file, but this would involve QUITE SOME additional work...
Such a feature would not make much sense without the ability to parse (and 
tidy) entire directory trees (that is: to tidy an entire project at one 
run, putting JavaScript functions and CSS style rules into each one 
external file)...

Lots of work, but certainly worth consideration!


At 11:21 01.09.2000 +0100, Dave Raggett wrote:
>I am uncertain as what HTML Tidy should do about this problem.
>If it wraps the contents of a script element in a CDATA marked
>section, it will stop the pages working in existing browsers.
>Ditto if it escapes the problem characters. It could write the
>contents of the script element to a new file, but what file
>name should it use?  One possibility is simply to warn if Tidy
>finds < and & within script elements, placing the burden on
>the user to decide how to deal with the problem.
>What do people think about this?

Sebastian Lange
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4.0 even though user input may contain HTML codes.

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